Up Your UAE Beach Game with Privilee

Saadiyat Beach Club

After an unusually chilly and rainy spring this year, sunshine and warm weather are officially back in the UAE. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder and I can’t help but agree — I am feeling particularly excited for the return of long, lazy beach days in Abu Dhabi. With only a month or so left of pleasant outdoor temperatures, you will find me jumping at any chance to get pool or beach side.

Although Abu Dhabi and Dubai are home to some of the world’s most stunning beach clubs and resorts, pricey day rates can make even casual pool day bills cringe worthy (or scare you away from going at all). If you commit to a yearlong membership, with even higher price points, it feels like you’re locked into visiting the same location over and over again. Although there are many UAE destinations that I love going back to, why limit yourself to one beach spot when there are so many options locally?

This summer season, I’ve discovered an awesome alternative in Privilee. The membership concept gives you unlimited access to some of the UAE’s best beach clubs and luxury resorts - including Saadiyat Beach Club, The Palace Downtown Dubai, Fairmont The Palm and more. Now you can enjoy pools, private beaches, gym facilities and more for one reasonable monthly fee (499 or 599 AED depending on your payment package). Visitors in town? Privilee offers special guest passes so your visiting friends and family can enjoy a five star UAE beach day too. At only 249 AED for a weekly pass, it's a steal for a week's worth of activities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Saadiyat Beach Club, Abu Dhabi

Saadiyat Beach Club, Abu Dhabi

Your Privilee membership also gets you a special discount at a long list of participating restaurants and spas. Meaning you can add in a delicious meal or pampering treatment to your weekend without breaking the bank. To make the deal even sweeter, you can use your Privilee card in Abu Dhabi AND Dubai. Now when I'm in Dubai, I can mix some quality beach time into my itinerary.  It also gives me yet another reason to convince my Dubai based friends to make a trip down for an Abu Dhabi staycation.

With so many perks, Privilee makes it easier than ever to turn every weekend into a holiday. Don’t wait until the summer heat chases us all indoors. Sign up today and see why everyone’s raving about Privilee.