Ramadan Weekend Getaway

Beat the heat in style this Ramadan with a weekend escape to Banyan Tree Al Wadi.

With wedding planning in full swing and summer temperatures on the rise, a tranquil weekend getaway seemed like a well-deserved treat.

Tucked away in the Ras Al Khaimah desert amidst a nature reserve dotted with Arabian Gazelle and Oryxe, the Banyan Tree Al Wadi creates an intimate experience from the very beginning. However, despite its remote location, the Banyan Tree offers plenty of extravagant amenities and activities to keep you entertained.

The luxury resort consists of all villa style accommodation each complete with its own private pool - not to mention spacious layouts and an enviable bathroom in the resort’s tented villas.

After a morning of lounging at the villa, I took a short golf cart ride to the resort spa. I kicked off my wind down with a relaxing massage and revitalizing scrub. Then it was off to the Asian-inspired hydrotherapy spa facilities at The Rainforest. The experience takes you on a journey through 16 different spa therapies, ranging from steam rooms to rain showers to ice rubs.

After a long day of relaxation, I was more than ready for dinner. The resort offers a variety of cuisine and restaurant options - although the choices are more limited during Ramadan. Alternatively, you can opt for romantic, candlelit dinner in the comfort of your villa like I did.

To complete this Instagram ripe retreat, I needed my wardrobe to be photo worthy too. I packed a few resort ready (and holy month appropriate) outfits from OTT. The brand’s Ramadan and Eid inspired pieces add a punch of drama with loud prints and striking color choices while maintaining more conservative cuts and longer hemlines.

Caftan jumpsuit:   OTT

Caftan jumpsuit:  OTT

The brand’s caftan jumpsuit puts a modern twist on the local favorite - adding discreet leg slits instead of the classic dress shape. While the more contemporary Venetia dress combines a seemingly separate button down top and flowing midi skirt in a jewel inspired print. The vibrant patterns and rich hues popped spectacularly against the golden desert background.

Dress:  OTT

Dress: OTT

What is your favorite weekend getaway?