Allison has a wide range of photography experience - shooting street style, luxury jewelry, retail products, events and more. With a specialty in photos tailored for social media, Allison is able to bring both an artistic and strategic approach to her work.

Fashion Forward SS17


The Pure Beauty Company


Allison brings over six years of video editing and production experience to her video services. During her time in the UAE, Allison has led the filming and post-production of several video projects for major clients in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

She received her formal training in videography at New York University, where she concentrated in broadcast journalism. After mastering writing, filming and editing broadcast journalism packages, Allison expanded her skills in the medium by pursuing more creative projects.

In 2013, she was awarded an ISM Project grant from New York University, which enables students to create original, artistic projects on social issues. Allison used this grant to produce a mini-documentary on support networks for marginalized communities in New York City.


Allison has experience in design tailored for online content and social media. Since arriving in Abu Dhabi, she has worked with several high-profile businesses to design the images for their social media posts.

Previously, Allison worked as a graphic designer for the start up company Levo League, where she created visuals to accompany the site's editorial and social media content.